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Social challenge to raise awareness of key agroecology issues

Challenge is an action research on agroecology issues. The research results will be the contents of the sociological-artistic production of the challenge to change, it is a stimulus to create positive and purposeful information On agroecology in a... CHAlleNGE for CHANGE!

Challenge social...


The Challenge project, of which Deafal is leader and in partnership with the associations ACRA, Reattiva, Mani Tese, Open Impact, Terra Nuova, Altreconomia, WWOOF and realized with the contribution of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation wants Stimulate the creation of pop materials, MEMEs, VIGNETTEs, NARRATIVE VIDEOS and. VIDEO PILLS, to increase the awareness of the impact of the our consumption choices on the environment, Actively participating in the creation of the information campaign.

Video guide

  • Practical video tutorial: how to make vignettes, memes, videos and video pills
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  • Getting around the web: Web privacy, anti-bullying, anti-hoax
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  • CHAlleNGE for CHANGE: presenting the challenge to change
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  • For teachers: first asynchronous lesson
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JPEG format images no smaller than:
1080 x 1080 pixels

At best, the drawing should be scanned at 300px resolution.

In order to be able to print the vignettes at the end of the project, the best way to scan the image is to use a scanner, but if you don’t have one available use a cell phone that takes good pictures and use either on Android or
iOS the scanner app to straighten the image.


This is the direct link to the page with meme templates on Canva:

If you want to use it online Canva also works through a web browser, but remember that schools will probably not have enough connection to support entire classrooms connected to the wireless network, so we recommend that you download the Canva app available for both Android and iOS. You will have to make a Canva account in either case.

Start by getting inspired by the images, and remember that where the crown icon or pro wording appears on the image, they are for the premium version, but all others are free, so choose a template being careful not to use paid images or premium profiles.
Animated gifs can also be generated, but for this project we will make static memes so they can be printed at the end of the project.

We share with you a template of
pie chart of which you can change text to percentages

It can be fun to play on the
paradoxes, regardless of what the
your theme, for example we challenge you to
look at statistics with an eye
Critical and purposeful:
“How many women work in the supply chain
Of food?”
And ask yourself the question:
“How many women would like to work
in the food supply chain.”
To get the second graph.

The template loads spaces of
text, in which you can write.
Since the space for the text is
limited try to make short texts
or change the size of the
From the bottom left menu
click the keypad icon
with “Change” written on it, in this
panel you can change the
percentage, and the graph will
Will update accordingly.

Are we there? If you are satisfied you can export.
After saving to the gallery, your cell phone options will open where you can
Search “Feed” to publish it directly as an Instagram post


To simplify the work, we recommend that you create a folder on your cell phone with all the files you have chosen for assembly so that you waste less time in research.

Video interview

At this link you will find a sample interview, watch it trying to notice, how many
meters away was the camera from the subject?

Play Video

Video pill

On instagram you can see an example of a video pill taken from an interview on the
fields, at this link

The suggested application for clip editing is CapCut that can be used on all smartphone and tablet platforms.

From here we can eliminate CapCut’s automatic watermarking by unchecking add a default ending.

Click on New Project.

We find our files from the most recent. The order of file selection will be the same as the order the App will use to go and arrange the files on the Timeline.
Click on add opens the timeline. If I make a mistake I can go back with the back arrow.

At the bottom we then have all the tools that change based on what we select: if I select a clip I will add effects or edit only that clip while deselecting everything will cause the options to act on the entire video.

There are some tools and effects that are premium so pay for them, keep that in mind!


From here we control the cuts, speed, filters and various useful adjustments such as reduce noise or stabilize the image.


We can go to change the volume of the track, apply effects, insert audio by pulling it from a clip on our smartphone or choose music or record the narrator’s voice directly on the timeline. A ‘useful option is copyright that checks for the presence or absence of music that is protected by it.


It will also allow us to use preset templates that we can customize we find automatic subtitles very convenient for making captions. Find other tools with which to experiment from filters to stickers.

On the timeline we find cover which allows us to create the cover of the video using one of the frames of the video we are producing by going there and adding either custom text or one of the templates that the software provides. If you are finished and satisfied click on the arrow in the upper right corner.

To save the video, if the video is not finished we simply close with the x in the upper left corner and it will be automatically saved as a draft. If you have any doubts contact us or search online…there are many CupCut-specific tutorials!

Good assembly!!!

Publication and dissemination

On YouTube you can upload both a horizontal video and a “short” video, which is a vertical short video. When you select a video in the gallery, YouTube behaves differently depending on whether the video format is horizontal or vertical.
But when you upload a horizontal video you can still edit it by making it a vertical short, even choosing which part of the video to show.

You are still in time to shorten the video add text, filters and audio.
Not only in the description but also in the title you can include tags calling out to other profiles, in particular we ask you to tag the project page @azioneterrae

Audience: yes it is intended for children

The video appears immediately on the “your videos” page, but only a few minutes after you have uploaded the video, from the button with the 3 dots to the right, you can still edit the text and the sharing options.

Facebook is an app aimed at an adult audience, and it will be used to update the world about the project, through the reports that the educators will make, so let us remember that for this social, we will share images without showing either the names or faces of the minors portrayed, ├Čunless they have written permission from their parents.

Online mentoring... When?

Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. by appointment

Throughout the 2023-24 school year you can consult us in the manner that prefer connecting, with the whole class, alone as referrers or in small groups.